The results of the online newspaper award and the Golden Bell Ringing contest

Vietnamese Teachers' Day November 20 is always one of the most important holidays of the year for the education ministry in general and Nguyen Van Huyen School in particular. Although the pandemic has not yet completely ended, teachers and students still have to teaching and learning online, Nguyen Van Huyen School still tried to organize a common playground for all students on this big occasion. These events include an online newspaper contest and Ring the Golden Bell contest. These playgrounds are not only for the purpose of playing but learning, learning but playing, but also at the same time expressing gratitude to the teachers of all students.

The online newspaper won the first prize of the class 6A and 7A

The products of the contest showed the feelings and talents of the students through poems, paintings, elaborately choreographed videos. Outstandingly surpassing products from other grades, the newspaper for the competition with the topic "Ferryman" of the 6A and 7A collectives was awarded the highest prize by the teachers in the judging panel. Not only getting a plus point in presentation, the work is also considered to have deep and emotional content.

Images of the golden bell ringing contest

The Golden Bell Competition took place extremely excitingly with the enthusiastic participation of students, the questions included knowledge from many subjects such as Math, Literature, English... and social knowledge as well. , many of them can't help but regret when they have to stop the competition soon, but the joyful atmosphere is still not lost because of that, everyone is more excited to watch the competition of the remaining competitors. In the end, Phuong Anh of class 9A excellently overcame other contestants and rang the golden bell.

Through two useful playgrounds, students at Nguyen Van Huyen school not only learn more knowledge but also express their love and respect for teachers.

Programs to celebrate 20/11 in the coming years promise to be refreshed and add more exciting games!

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