Academic pathway

The school curriculum of Nguyen Van Huyen school is built on the basis of coordination closely following the basic curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education and Training combined with the own programs of Nguyen Van Huyen school to meet the requirements of the new 2018 educational program.

Thus, students studying at Nguyen Van Huyen school, besides having enough basic knowledge to participate in the exams of the Ministry and the Department of Education and Training, also have more opportunities to access subjects suitable for their needs, trend of the 4.0 technology era, ready to participate in global training programs.

The subjects according to the program distribution of the Ministry of Education and Training closely follow the standard content and meet the innovation requirements of the new general education program (Circular No. 32/2018/TT BGDĐT) positive, student-centered methods in line with the 4.0 educational orientation. Ensure basic knowledge for each subject as required by the Ministry of Education and Training: Mathematics, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Citizenship Education.


Design a program to strengthen core subjects: MATH - LANGUAGE - ENGLISH FITS WITH STUDENTS' LEARNING CAPACITY

  • Basic MATH - LANGUAGE - ENGLISH program: Ministry of Education and Training's program
  • Strengthening Program: Fostering knowledge, enhancing vocabulary to familiarize students with the level-up exam (The program is designed and changed to suit the student's level).


Program of Citizenship Education - Life skills:

  • The subject is adapted from the subject of Citizenship Education, and integrates the following contents: self-service skills, self-study; sex education.
  • Towards 12 life values: Peace, Respect, Love, Tolerance, Honesty, Humility, Cooperation, Happiness, Responsibility, Simplicity, Freedom, Solidarity. Students feel the value of life, improve life skills through experiences, have positive thinking, have a deep sense of self-worth, live responsibly, and adapt to society. Life skills are integrated in all subjects to help students improve their presentation, communication and emotional control skills.


Creative Fine Arts subject: applying positive teaching methods, encouraging individual creativity, educating students about aesthetics, helping them to feel beauty and apply art knowledge in learning , daily activities.

  • Knowledge:
    • Students have knowledge of basic lines and shapes, can imagine to combine lines and shapes to form diverse and rich images.
    • Equip knowledge about how to mix colors, combine colors, lightness, lightness in paintings, know how to express emotions through the use of colors in paintings.
    • Equip knowledge about the law of near and far perspective.
    • Get familiar with scaling.
  • Skill:
    • Active in sensing, self-thinking.
    • Drawing operations: drawing, editing, coloring with different materials.
    • Creative manipulations.
    • Traditional artistic values: Students are introduced to Sculpture and Lacquer.
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