Nguyen Van Huyen School (founded in 1997), with more than 400 students from kindergarten, grades 1 to 12, is the place that creates the most favorable conditions in all aspects to maximize intellectual and physical development and constantly cultivate moral character for each student.

The main program is guaranteed with the subjects and time as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training and taught according to advanced pedagogical methods, combined with the use of modern technical equipment. Our school also strengthens key subjects according to the requirements and ability of each student (such as Math-Physics-Chemistry; or Literature-Math-English). In particular, the school introduces bilingual English into teaching for some natural science subjects directly in charge of native teachers.

The most prominent features of the School are:

  • The small number of students, the average ratio of 8 students to 1 teacher, ensures the teacher's close attention to each student, maximum effective management of the boarding and boarding system.
    Teachers at all levels are carefully selected, regularly encouraged and actively improve their professional skills, constantly applying new knowledge and pedagogical methods, updating advanced techniques in teaching innovation.
  • "Program to enrich knowledge, life skills - life values" designed and organized by Nguyen Van Huyen School since 1997, has been continuously supplemented and perfected. Our program of enriching knowledge, values ​​and life skills has been enthusiastically received by students and parents and has gradually confirmed its effectiveness and vitality.
  • The school focuses on training the personality of each student, ensuring a disciplined, safe, and healthy pedagogical environment. Extracurricular activities, arts, and sports are organized regularly, giving students a rich, joyful and rewarding life.

Sending your children to Nguyen Van Huyen School to learn, parents are completely assured of the quality of teaching and learning, and are raised awareness of family responsibilities in education, actively communicating with teachers to closely monitor the development of their children. In communicating with teachers and school staff, parents are encouraged to share their experiences as parents and grandparents, receive many useful pedagogical advice and advice, and contribute towards building a family-school-society to improve the quality of future generations.


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