Principal's Message

Ladies and Gentlemen!

To Director board, Advisory Board; Teachers, officials and staff of the school;

Dear respected parents and all students!

First of all, on behalf of the school directors board, I would like to send to all delegates, teachers and students my warmest greetings and best wishes!

The school year 2020-2021 with many difficulties and challenges has ended. Nguyen Van Huyen's students had an unforgettable school year with a Tet holiday that was many times longer, and the summer vacation that came early, and the closing ceremony of the whole school that had to be recorded in an online review.

In September this year, due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, we could not hold a jubilant opening ceremony with excited flags and flowers, with pure white shirts lighting up the school grounds. For the first time we sang the national anthem together without standing under the flag. For the first time in 24 years, we welcome the first steps of the new school year together, listening to the opening drum sound through the computer screen or smartphone… And even though, the flow of life out there is still. There are still many worries, but at Nguyen Van Huyen Secondary and High School today, a new seeding season has officially begun.

Today, we are pleased to welcome the students of 6th, 10th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 12th grade back to the common house Nguyen Van Huyen. Thank you for choosing Nguyen Van Huyen Junior High and High School to mark your youth with all your beliefs and aspirations. Thank you respected Parents for trusting the future of your child to the school. Therefore, each of us teachers, in each working position, must demonstrate by specific and practical actions to affirm that the choice decision of the children and parents is absolutely right.

In this sacred and solemn moment, I would like to have a couple of loving and sincere messages to the students.

The new school year will come with a lot of new lessons and new knowledge, sometimes children will find themselves very small in the midst of the vast learning pool because their understanding is limited. But success is not for those who are cowards, procrastinators, but only those who are brave enough to commit to moving forward, adapting and trying their best to overcome difficulties and challenges in life. If learning is a path and happiness is a journey, I hope you will cherish the precious moments in that journey. Take time to learn, to make your life meaningful, to love, to share and always remember that time waits for no one!

Children, start the new school year with ambitions and dreams; At the school, teachers will always accompany and create the best conditions for their children to realize those dreams and aspirations. However, just having a dream is not enough. Make it a tangible goal for each day with concrete actions to realize it. A right goal in study and in life is the light of the guiding beacon that gives you confidence and energy, faith and magic power to achieve success…

The school and tradition are watching and expecting from us, who continue the journey of keeping and spreading the fire. Since its establishment in 1997 until now, spanning nearly a quarter of a century, Nguyen Van Huyen Middle School - High School has overcome many ups and downs, challenges, and still steadfastly implements the philosophy of humanistic, liberal, accepting education and respect for differences, together with the strategic goal: "Comprehensive education for a future generation", training students to be "healthy physical and mental - healthy and confident lives - Love lifelong learning - fully equipped with knowledge and skills - Appreciate traditional values ​​and embrace the values ​​of the times".

Today's generation of teachers will continue in the tradition to continue to build a comprehensive educational environment, nurturing students' eagerness to learn, self-reliance, independence and creativity. The school year 2021-2022 begins with a new look, new facilities, new staff and new management model that will certainly not betray the trust of the society, parents and students of the School. Here, children will be able to live, learn, and develop to their fullest potential in the vast space of intelligence, creativity, social responsibility, and core human values. In the large family of Nguyen Van Huyen Middle School and High School, the children are loved, cared for, shared, understood, respected, and helped by their teachers to progress and affirm their values. Here, children will live and study hard in their most beautiful and passionate youth days.

She also wants to send a private message to students in grades 9 and 12: Although the road ahead is arduous but also full of glory, please listen to today's school drums of love and hope. she, her parents earnestly give. And feel that love and care, turn it into a motivation to learn, to believe, to be happy and successful!

"I'll go when the sea is rough and my heart beats fast

I know it can hurt but life really needs to be hard

Maturity is not about trying to find peace, it's just about facing the storm

I'm still quiet

hold fast to the faith…”

With that belief and determination, on behalf of the School Board of Directors, I would like to announce: Opening the new school year 2021-2022. I believe that, with consensus, determination, attitude and a new vision, the school's staff, teachers, and students will together successfully carry out the school year's tasks, upholding the tradition. , steady success.

Finally, once again, I would like to wish all the distinguished guests, teachers and students good health and happiness! Thank you very much!

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