Philosophy of education

Humanity: upholding human values, respecting, loving oneself and human beings regardless of skin colour, ethnicity, class, religion and other differences; Accept and respect differences. In humanity also includes a responsible attitude to the environment, towards a sustainable human ecology.

Nationality: understand and appreciate Vietnamese ethnic values; Respectation for the nation is reflected in the way of thinking, daily lifestyle, in the ideal of commitment, contribution to the development of community and country.

Liberation: opening and cultivating the ability to learn constantly, open the mind to new things, move towards freedom of thought, remove all constraints on thinking to unleash the creativity of each individual and create the resilience of the community.

Following such an educational philosophy, what we have to think about is to build a school environment in which children feel happy, full of joy, without tears. Only in this way children can create a love of lifelong learning as well as a methodology for thinking and skills.

To achieve the set goals, we need to build a school in which not only students study, but principal, staff, teachers also have to learn and especially parents need to learn.

Our teachers and administrators are constantly learning to keep up with the times, with cutting-edge achievements in education in the world. And parents study with their children to grow up. Only parents who have the spirit and attitude to study with their children can really actively support the school and master a new education together with their children.

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