Online newspaper design contest for students of Nguyen Van Huyen School to celebrate 39th Vietnamese Teachers' Day


1. Purpose of request
In order to organize emulation activities, celebrate November 20, show gratitude to teachers and promote the application of information technology in students' learning and research, creating opportunities to exchange and share sharing and learning among students in the school.

2. Participants
All students studying at Nguyen Van Huyen school participate in the content in groups and classes.

3. Time and place of the event
The design period starts from November 1 to the end of November 17, 2021

4. Exam content and format

  • Format: the classes use poetry, music, story-telling, pictures... (using visual and audio channels in parallel) to create an electronic wall newspaper "Welcome Vietnamese Teachers' Day". Products must be disseminated on the network environment
  • Vietnamese
  • Content: Gratitude to teachers
  • Software tools to create Wall Newspapers: students can choose any software to do it (note: products can be posted on websites, facebook...)

5. Scoring Criteria
The jury will judge according to the following criteria:

* Detector (20 points)

  • Short, concise, meaningful titles with the topic
  • Balance, harmony, impression
  • Have the name of the squad/class, the school to do it

* Content (50 points)

  • Right content of the contest theme
  • The content of the article is good, meaningful, and emotional
  • Self-composed articles are mainly, limited collection
  • Foreword, title, title have meaning with the topic of the article

*Form and technology (30 points)

  • Elegant color, suitable
  • The presentation layout is harmonious, balanced, and clear in each section
  • Full category on demand, diverse, rich
  • Rich use of appropriate typefaces
  • Have creativity
  • Usable on the Internet environment

6. Prizes

  • First prize: 1 prize
  • Second prize: 1 prize
  • Third prize: 1 prize

7. Implementation organization
The school board plans to assign members to be in charge of the contest

The school's board of directors established a fully qualified jury to judge contest products

Classroom teachers are responsible for urging students to participate

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