A day at Nguyen Van Huyen

Take a look at a typical day at Nguyen Van Huyen school

An activity day for students at Nguyen Van Huyen school is briefly described below. The timetable can be flexibly adjusted depending on the level of study, based on research appropriate to the physical, psychological and physiological age.

Shuttle bus

Students go to school by bus daily. The team of drivers and supervisors are dedicated, professional, regularly trained, and always put safety first.

Go to school

All students entering the school must wear a school card stating their name, grade, and home address. Wearing a card initially gives students a serious attitude when starting school, training right from the high school years to be professional.


Breakfast at Nguyen Van Huyen's school cafeteria with two menu options: dry food and water food. Canteen staff often change foods suitable for different ages of students and seasonal.


The study schedule of Nguyen Van Huyen school will normally consist of 7 periods. Each lesson lasts from 45-55 minutes depending on the level of study.

Vocational hour

For students at Nguyen Van Huyen school, you have a time frame with a group study advisor of about 10 students/group. This time frame in particular and activities at Nguyen Van Huyen in general all follow the principle of student-centeredness. The teacher only plays the role of listening and advising you.

Having lunch

Lunch at Nguyen Van Huyen canteen, there are many daily changes according to the season, according to age. All processing materials are imported from the most reputable suppliers and are strictly controlled by the processing process. Similar to breakfast, you can also choose and order weekly meals.

Extra-curricular hours

One of the features at Nguyen Van Huyen is extracurricular hours. Students can choose to read books, go for a walk, get college advice, study abroad or do a project...

Club time

At Nguyen Van Huyen school, students can choose their own favorite and suitable club. In particular, Nguyen Van Huyen School is encouraged to lead and operate the club itself to strengthen skills.

Physical activity

All students at Nguyen Van Huyen school have a physical education class of 2 periods/week, with a variety of sports: basketball, football, table tennis, chess, ....

Art activities

All students at Nguyen Van Huyen school have music/art lessons in the curriculum with rich experiential activities and projects in addition to the curriculum. You can also choose to study each subject by semester.

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