Teachers' Day in some countries around the world

The profession teacher is a noble profession, plays an important role in teaching and raising each individual to adulthood. That's why every year many countries around the world celebrate Teachers' Day to honor those who always make silent sacrifices, working day and night with lesson plans for the cause of human growth. However, each country celebrates it according to different dates and shades, depending on its history and specific culture.

I. World Teachers' Day
Since 1994, October 5 every year has been recognized by UNESCO as World Teachers' Day with more than 100 countries celebrating. The purpose of this day is to support the community for teachers globally, while ensuring the educational needs of future generations.

Most countries take World Teachers' Day as national teachers' day, but some typical examples like Vietnam choose a separate day. However, no matter what day it is, this is also an opportunity to honor and pay respect to those who transmit knowledge and dreams - those who have been attached to the cause of "growing" people all their lives.

II. Some teachers' days in countries around the world
1. Thai Teachers' Day

Khám phá những đặc sắc về ngày Nhà giáo ở các quốc gia trên thế giới
In Thailand - the land of the golden pagodas, January 16 was chosen as Teachers' Day and was first celebrated in 1957.

Like Vietnam, on this day, students and the entire community here remember the important role of teachers, who bring light to life. In the morning, they hold a special celebration for teachers, followed by religious activities. The ceremony of consecration of monks will pray for all teachers and students to offer flowers to their teacher.

2. Polish Teachers' Day
In 1773, the Polish king established the National Education Commission and chose November 14 as the teacher's charter day in this place. Traditionally, students bring bouquets of fresh flowers and small gifts for their teacher.

They celebrate in different ways at school. Many parents also come to school to thank teachers.

3. Chinese teacher's day

Trung Quốc: Ngày nhà giáo, giáo viên, phụ huynh bối rối vụ tặng quà - Tin  tức
The former president of Peking University proposed to establish a commemoration day honoring Chinese teachers in 1984. On February 21, 1985, China decided to choose September 10 every year as Teachers' Day. .

In 2013, after reconsidering, China unanimously chose September 28 as Teachers' Day because it is the birthday of Confucius.

4. American Teachers' Day
In 1994, the National Education Association (NEA) selected the first Tuesday of May as National Teachers' Day. Before that, the US Congress held a celebration for teachers in 1980.

On Teacher's Charter Day in the US, students and students show respect for their teachers with cards and commemorative gifts.

5. Indian Teachers' Day

Độc đáo ngày nhà giáo ở các nước | Báo Dân trí
If September 5 in Vietnam is the opening day, India - the second most populous country in the world has chosen this day for those working in the education industry.

On this holiday, students and teachers still go to school, but learning activities are replaced by celebrations and visits by students to their teachers.

6. Korean Teachers' Day
After many changes, Korea chooses May 15 as Teachers' Day. However, in the period from 1973 to 1982, this day was not observed.

On this day, the class will end earlier than usual and students will give carnations.

7. Russian Teachers' Day

From 1964 to 1994, teachers' day in Russia was celebrated on the first Sunday of October, but since 1994, Russia has decided to choose October 5 as the national teachers' day.

Like many other World Teachers' Day, on this day schools organize cultural activities, students participate in plays or dances. Some localities also organize awards for teachers.

8. Philippine Teachers' Day

According to Proclamation No. 479 of the President of the Philippines, Philippine Teachers' Day is celebrated on October 5 to honor more than 500,000 teachers in the country.

However, "Teachers' Day" in the Philippines is usually celebrated around September or October in schools (mainly elementary and junior high schools). On this day, teachers are often given gifts by students (for example, flowers placed on their chests), and students often organize cultural performances such as poetry readings, performances. dances, singing,... These cultural activities are usually done by the students of the older class, especially those who have join Student Union of that school.

For Chinese schools in the Philippines, September 28 is considered a true "Teacher's Day" (like in the Republic of China, Teachers' Day is taken from Confucius's birthday) and it is a special day. holiday. Therefore, the ceremonies and activities to congratulate the teachers are held the day before, September 27. For some Catholic schools, for example De La Salle Philippines, Teachers' Day is celebrated on the same day. January 26. This school has a large website where students and alumni can send their congratulations to the teachers. January is also considered Philippine Teachers' Month.

Above is the teachers' day in some countries around the world. Hopefully, through the sharing of Nguyen Van Huyen School, you have more clearly understood and appreciated the tradition of respecting teachers.

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